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Huabao Peacock insists that innovation is the future of the industry. We have been trying our best to explore the mysteries of flavor and taste, and create a better taste experience for consumers with a professional and dedicated spirit. Through continuous investment and researchon the four major technical systems of product development, technology research, process research and application technology innovation, we haveestablished our core capabilities and propositions.

Product Development System

H&K Flavor has advanced analysis and testing equipment, including gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS), high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS), etc. Peacock's complete productanalysis database allows us to grasp more accurate information in product analysis and development.


At the same time, the company has a team of well-known fragrance experts in the industry and a team of natural plant extractionexperts, focusing on fragrance technology for many years, with rich experience and understanding of taste trends, supplemented by a complete raw materialsupply system, to ensure product development creativity and innovation. Flavor appears.

Technical Research System

The company has a complete research and development system for edible flavors,including basic research and flavor research. With the basic research ofnatural extraction, biological and thermal reaction, and three major teams, the company has built the underlying design of the company's technology, using suchas supercritical extraction, automatic Maillard reaction, high-speed refrigerated centrifugation, gel imaging, high-shear dispersion The high-endprecision preparation equipment of emulsification and other companies has further expanded and transformed the successful formation of basic research,and established an ecological circle in which the basic research system and thearoma and taste system are combined to promote each other.

Process Research System

The company has set up a special process researchdepartment, which is responsible for the transformation of the company's new technology and processes, such as new raw material preparation technology,innovative flavor system, automatic batching technology, etc., to continuouslyimprove the product preparation process and ensure the advanced nature.

Continuously improve and optimize the preparation method of the product according to the actual situation to ensure the stabilityand safety of the company's products. For example, the introduction of a newprocess for the preparation of emulsified essence has solved the problem thatthe traditional emulsification structure is easy to change.

Applied Technology Innovation

We continue to pay attention to the rapidly emerging emerging markets in the food industry and invest a lot of research and development work. The company has established special application experiment centers such as "Baking Research Institute", "Coffee and Flavor Solution Center", and continues to conduct research on new markets, with remarkable results. Substantial transformation from consumer insights to application product development hasbeen formed, allowing the continuous implementation of the "comprehensive product solution" model.