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H&K Flavor iscommitted to the extraction and reaction technology of plants, creating variousflavors that lead the market and satisfy the tastes of the public. The companyhas a number of core technologies in the field of flavors, including naturalextraction technology, innovative emulsification technology, innovativeembedding technology, enzymatic fermentation technology, thermal reactiontechnology, etc. Our team pursues the ultimate research and developmenttechnology to improve the performance of products in use, and to bringconsumers a better taste experience together with customers.

Natural Extraction Technology

①     Distillation Reflux Technology

Thesolvent evaporated at a specific temperature is cooled and then re-entered intothe distillation column for distillation to improve the material separationefficiency. The company has refined the extraction technology for many years,which can effectively control the separated substances during the extractionprocess and realize the precise utilization of the separated substances.

②     Supercritical Extraction

Theextraction is carried out under conditions close to room temperature, whicheffectively prevents the oxidation and escape of heat-sensitive substances. Theextract retains the active ingredients of fragrant raw materials, and canextract substances with high boiling point, low volatility and easy pyrolysisat a temperature far below its boiling point, so that the product has a richertaste.

Innovative Emulsification Technology

1. Antifreeze emulsification

The use of new continuous phase, dispersed phase andnew extract not only has strong emulsifying ability, but also has the effect ofinhibiting oil crystallization. So that the essence can not freeze at -25 ℃, stillhave fluidity, even if it is frozen and thawed, it will not affect the use

2. Nano-emulsification

Compared with micro-emulsification,nano-emulsification has a lower amount of emulsifier and has more practicalapplication value. Compared with ordinary emulsification, nanoemulsion dropletshave small particle size, uniform dispersion, and certain dynamic stability, sothat the essence does not have obvious flocculation and coalescence for severalmonths or even years.

3. Multi-layer emulsification

Multi-layer emulsification has a thicker and denserinterface layer, which can greatly improve the emulsion stability of theemulsion; because of its high interface charge density, it can improve theflocculation and coalescence stability of the emulsion; at the same time, ithas a good interface Rheological properties to reduce Ostrich ripening ofemulsions. Multi-layer emulsification can effectively reduce the influence ofexternal factors on the essence.

Innovative Embedding Technology

1. Low temperature electrostatic spray drying

The electrostatic spray drying system adopts abreakthrough electrostatic technology, which drives the water to move towardthe shell and the active ingredients to the core, thus reducing the temperature required for evaporation, avoiding the loss of active ingredients, and greatly improving the packaging efficiency. The essence has the characteristics of longshelf life and excellent safety.

2. Vitrified flavor

Through the technology of vitrified microcapsules, the flavors and fragrances are embedded in the glassy matrix, which can inhibit the volatilization loss, protect the sensitive components, and achieve the effect of controlled release. The product has good appearance, shape and color, andcan form a dense sugar glass body with excellent barrier properties.

3. Capsule blasting bead technology

Cooperate with international companies with the world's top patented seamless capsule technology and equipment to develop seamless capsule products and fill the domestic gap with this technology. Usingvibratory jet separation to precisely control the manufacturing process makes the product highly innovative and competitive. The product is currently used invarious innovative food industries and has broad prospects.

Enzymatic Fermentation Technology

1. Fermentation technology

The company screens excellent strains, ferments animaland plant raw materials, and uses advanced immobilization technology to achieve large-scale production. This technology can controllably change the originalcolor, flavor and state of animals and plants, and use their fermentation products to enrich the flavor and enhance the taste.

2. Enzymatic hydrolysis technology

Using the catalysis of enzymes to produce various valuable substances, we have refined the enzymatic hydrolysis technology formany years and continuously improved our enzymatic hydrolysis process and keypoint control. Intense, more natural and harmonious on the palate. At the sametime, fully explore the application of enzymes, apply various enzymes to avariety of natural food raw materials, and prepare new flavors and flavors.

3. Multi-level collaborative technology

Taking advantage of the differences in specificcatalytic sites of different enzymes, multi-enzyme collaborative hydrolysis ormulti-enzyme step-by-step hydrolysis can be used to obtain more abundant enzymatic hydrolysis products. The sufficient release of flavor substances provides an effective means, and provides sufficient materials for the diversity of dairy flavors.

Thermal Reaction Technology

Maillard Reaction

The Maillard reaction is a common non-enzymatic browning phenomenon that imparts unique flavor and color to foods. After yearsof research and continuous optimization of reaction conditions, we have createda series of excellent products with excellent application effects.

The application in the spice industry breaks the scopeof traditional flavor blending and production technology, and the obtained product has a natural and realistic effect, and is widely used in sweet, salty,and tobacco flavors.