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H&K FlavorTechnology Center relies on the Group's "Nationally Recognized Enterprise Technology Center" and "Post-doctoral Scientific Research Work station"to achieve scientific research resources sharing in R&D, analysis and preparation. The combination has created the core competitiveness of the technical system. The company has achieved a large number of scientific research results with independent intellectual property rights in categories such as milk flavors, fruit and vegetable flavors, natural flavors, functional flavors, etc., and then formed the transformation from product concept development to market sales.

Huabao Peacock actively creates cooperative researchand development between enterprises and universities, enterprises and external studios, and promotes the sharing of excellent technologies in the flavor industry. Under the promotion of industry associations, the company activelyconducts school-enterprise industry-university-research with well-knowncolleges and universities, and establishes technical exchanges and cooperationwith colleges and universities. Jointly discuss and develop products at the forefront of the market and the transformation feasibility of research, so asto bring more abundant research and development concepts and results to food companies and win the consumer market.